Thank You!

Thank you bat PicThe work of the Northern Ireland Bat Group is reliant upon generosity.  The generosity of its members giving up their time to rush around the country picking up stranded and injured bats, attending events promoting the work of the Group and educating the general public, and thanks to the philanthropy of others, through very welcome donations to support the costs of our work.

This week, our Treasurer was pleased to receive a generous, anonymous donation of £100 to help continue our work.  Whilst our volunteers give up their time for free, caring for bats can be costly.  A continuous supply of fresh meal worms may make a tasty meal for a hungry, convalescing  bat, but over time, costs substantial amounts of money. Antibiotics, flea treatments, bespoke bat cages, water feeders as well as the occasional visit to the vets all draw on the Group’s resources.

During the maternity season when many baby bats are under the care of our licensed, dedicated bat workers, such donations are welcomed more than ever, especially when we appreciate that money is scarce.

Such a generous donation  is a very welcome gift and on behalf of all the group’s members (and we assume Northern Ireland’s bats) we’d like to say “thank you” and assure you, whomsoever you are, that every single penny will go to helping our bats.