Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do bats get tangled in hair?
No, this is an old wives’ tale. Bats may fly close to objects but their echolocation stops them bumping into things – and people!

Do bats really drink blood?
Only in the jungles of South America, home to the vampire bat. All bats in Ireland and Great Britain are quite harmless and eat only insects.

Can I catch rabies from a bat?
Rabies has never been recorded in any animal in Ireland and any future risk is very small indeed. Care should be taken when handling any wild animal and wearing gloves is a sensible precaution.

Are bats blind?
No, all bats can see and some bats have excellent eyesight.

My neighbour wants rid of his bats, will he be forced to let them stay?
No one should evict or disturb bats without first contacting the NIEA. Bats can be excluded in certain circumstances but anyone taking action without a licence is likely to be committing an offence.

I want to fix my roof but – how can I do this without harming or disturbing the bats living in it?
Free advice is available from the Bat Group – please contact us.