Do you own a wood burning stove?

Yep we know it’s a random question but did you know we have received LOTS of calls from people who find bats inside their stove! Lucky for most bats they are found just in time but it makes you think how many have gone un-noticed

All the caps of wood burning stove flues should have a mesh surrounding the flue opening otherwise bats seeking a roost can descent the metal flue and are then unable to escape.

Pipistrelles in particular are attracted to vertical pipes and when a vertical pipe such as a downspout is next to a pipistrelle roost, catastrophic loss of bats can occur as a bat in distress can make calls that attract other bats – they come along to help their roost mate

Here are some tips to avoid a BATastrophe:

– Check logs that are brought in (especially if they have been stored for a while) to make sure bats are not clinging to them

– Listen out for tapping or scratching sounds coming from inside the stove or pipe

– Check inside your stove before putting in logs and lighting it

– Install a mesh over the flue opening to prevent bats and other wildlife getting trapped.

Please share with anyone you know who has a stove

Thanks to Austin Hopkirk for the information