Bats a Fact Schools Workshops

Thanks to funding from the DAERA Challenge Fund, we are able to bring our popular workshop into 22 primary schools across Northern Ireland.  We kicked off with a slide show all about bats around the world, why they are important, bats in Northern Ireland and what to do if you find a bat.  Pupils took part in the ‘Bat-Moth’ game and ‘Bats a Fact’ quiz before getting the chance to meet one of our rescued bats.  We finished off the session with some planting activities to help provide a new foraging area for bats on the school grounds.

Well done to all the pupils from schools we visited so far: Carrickfergus Model PS, Cairncastle PS, St John’s PS, Holy Child PS, Ballykelly PS and Oakgrove Integrated PS

Workshops will continue in primary schools throughout February and March 2017

The bat-moth game was lots of fun

Hands up who loves bats?