Bat care training 2023

Hi all,

The Northern Ireland Bat Group (NIGB) are proud to present two courses to support bat care for 2023.

The NIGB have a long history of providing bat care. Learning from our members will give you access to individuals, who are considered experts in this field. You will also be part of a wider bat care network within the UK and Ireland.

We are currently offering are course for you to begin your bat care journey. The course is bat ambulance training.

If you have ever experienced a bat in your house or had cause to use our website, you may be interested in providing frontline help when bat issues arise. Our bat ambulance training course could be for you, in addition to addressing the public, you will also learn basic bat first aid.

We are currently offering a course in Jubilee Farm, Glynn on 13 May 2023.

Please use this link for more details and booking.

In most cases, bat ambulance drivers will take care of the bats and release them, in cases where they need further care, you will be given the contacts of our bat carers, who will provide more intensive care.

We intend to run more events in 2023 to increase bat awareness and conservation.

See you soon.